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After five months island closed repair islands, Thailand, milan to reopen tomorrow

Date: 2019-10-15

According to Thai media reports, is located in southern Thailand andaman sea islands of milan, after five months of natural ecological environment island after repair closed, will be held on October 15, to open to the tourists.For divers, sleeping in the past time reopened, milan islands is a exciting news.It is understood that some of the domestic tourism platform is open to booking a milan snorkeling one-day tour line, sales has reached thousands of pieces.

Milan islands is composed of nine islands, is one of the most famous dive holy land in the world.8 with the largest island lies the iconic elephant rock, because of the stones on the water like an elephant.Soft and fine beaches, coral reefs, laid-back turtles, colour and lustre is gorgeous fish, all let people yearning.Swim in the beautiful islands of milan, explore the underwater world, full of mysterious if you are lucky enough, still can enjoy the spectacular whales.

Milan islands "blue", thanks to the government for protection of the islands.According to Thai media reports, because often have fishermen sneak into the island, and leads to the deterioration of the natural resources are destroyed and.In addition, because in October each year in May, the local strong wind and waves, may's life and property loss to visitors, so close your island measures.

At the same time, in order to avoid the tourist activities on the island of plants and animals and damage the ecological environment, the Thai national wildlife and plant conservation park administration regulation, islands, milan only reception on the day of the tourists back and forth, that is to say, don't provide accommodation on the island.

Vitality of Marine life, simple natural landscapes, all show, milan islands of natural beauty.October 31, Thailand for including China mainland and Taiwan, adopted a policy of signing free landing in 21 countries and regions.Sleeping "heritage" heaven is round, not to arrange a visit trip to Thailand?